Boss Hogg

From Peter via FB.  $60 SF Sept, 2017

C 1703

Amethyst x x Knock Your Socks Off

You Are Mine

34″,Tet,8″,Dor,M,Re,EMo  (Lady Of Faith x Tetra Heavenly Angel Ice)

Dark Witch

43″,Dip,7″,Dor,M,Re,EMo  (Brilliant Idea x Emerald Starburst)

General Perplexity

(Victorian Garden Heaven’s Applause x Tet Out of the Blue)


Reblooming Sept 18, 2017

Numero Uno

0″,Tet,0″  (Engraved Invitation x Picture In Picture)

Big Beautiful Babe

38″,Tet,7.50″,SEv,M  (Running For The Border x (Kamadeva X Virgin Territory))

C 1664

34″,Dip,4.50″  (Holly Dancer X Helga Bjornerud x Laura Harwood)

C 924

28″,Tet,5.50″  (Earth Music x White Noise)

Ikarian Honey

26″,Tet,6″,Dor,EM,VFrag  (Marmalade Skies x Smugglers Gold)


28″,Tet,5″,M  ( x )


33″,Tet,5″,SEv,M  (Spacecoast Sea Shells x Cobraskin Necktie)

Serious Fun

((Ottis’ Magic × Integrated Logistics) × (Big Girls Don’t Cry × Iowa Girl))

Flamingo Crossing

(Trimmer, 2015)

height 33in (84cm), bloom 6.25in (16.0cm), season EM, Rebloom, Evergreen, Tetraploid, Fragrant, 18 buds, 1 branches,  Pale gold with plum eye and very large chartreuse appliqué throat. (sdlg × Starburst Fantasy)