Faberge Easter

Time in a bottle x Sdlg(Space Coast Sea Shells x Rippled Oasis)

Kona Coast

35″,Tet,5″,Dor,M,Re  (Set The Style x Emerald Oasis)

Outer Limits

32″,Tet,6.50″,Dor,ML,Frag,UFO  (Saber Tooth Tiger x Seedling)

Wall Of Fire

36″,Tet,7.50″,Dor,M,Frag,Re  (Red Loveliness x (Ed Brown × Tim Kornder)))

Whale Tails

38″,Tet,5.50″,Evr,EE,Re  (Seeking Attention x Shock Therapy)

Mars Attacks

28″,Tet,7.50″,SEv,EM,Re  ((Grand Palais X Nordic Night) x (Utopia Or Oblivion X Respighi))

OK Pollen parent.  Crappy Pod parent.

Casper’s Shadow

28″,Tet,6″,SEv,M,Frag,Re  (Catcher In The Eye X Ultraviolet Mood x Rippled Oasis X Spacecoast Sea Shells)

New Paradigm

28″,Tet,6.50″,SEv,EE,VFrag,Re  (The Band Played On x Tet. Terry Lyninger)

Amber Rhum

34″,Tet,6″,SEv,M,Frag,Re  ((Catcher In The Eye X Meet Joe Black) x Rippled Oasis)

Sitting Queen

30″,Tet,6″,SEv,M  ((Amber Rhum × Rippled Oasis) x (Catcher In The Eye × Ultraviolet Mood))