Fudge It



37″,Tet,7.50″,Evr,EM,Frag,Re,UFO  (Thundercat x Mask Of Darkness)

Wayne Johnson

28″,Tet,5.50″,Evr,M,Db  ([(Royal Ambassador X Sdlg) X (Royal Ambassador X Sdlg)] x )

Memories Remain

28″,Tet,5″,Evr,EM,Frag,Re  (Pure Indulgence x Candied Popcorn Perfection)

Nile Crane

26″,Tet,5″,Evr,M,Frag,Re  (Not Available x Not Available)

Crimson Flood

24″,Tet,6.50″,Evr,M,Re  (Ruby Lips x Evening Enchantment)

General Perplexity

(Victorian Garden Heaven’s Applause x Tet Out of the Blue)


Reblooming Sept 18, 2017

Fairy Tale Romance

Fairy Tale Romance will pass the sculpting and teeth to its babies, but this is definitely a hybridizer’s plant.

Symphony Of Praise

27″,Tet,7″,Evr,M,Frag,Re,Noc  (Diamonds And Pearls x Barbara Mitchell)

Free Wheelin’

34″,Tet,9″,Evr,EE,Re  (Wild And Wonderful x Tetra Marked By Lydia)

Little Big Man

16″,Dip,2.75″,Evr,EM  (Not Available x Not Available)


30″,Tet,6″,Evr,EM,Re  (Fugue x Chinese Pavilion)

Numero Uno

0″,Tet,0″  (Engraved Invitation x Picture In Picture)

Roseate Stained Glass

30″,Tet,5.50″,Evr,EM,Re  ((Calling All Angels X Sue Brown) x Tet. Peppermint Delight)

Willa Jean

28″,Tet,9″,Evr,EM,UFO  (Coed Flaming Joy x Long Stocking)

Jay Farquhar

Purple with white watermark eye and edge above green throat. (Lifting Me Higher × (Chris Salter × Tet. Waxen Wonder)) Awards: AM,HM (2011,2007)

Joan Senior

25″,Dip,6″,Evr,EM,Re,Ext  (Loving Memories x Little Infant)

Eskimo Kisses

26″,Tet,4″,Evr,M,Re  ((Emperor’S Dragon X Tetra Elsie Spalding) X Raspberry Beret x Jenny Kissed Me)

Whale Tails

38″,Tet,5.50″,Evr,EE,Re  (Seeking Attention x Shock Therapy)

Optical Art

25″,Tet,5″,Evr,E,Re  (Sdlg x Stenciled Impressions)

Victorian Lace

30″,Tet,6.75″,Evr,EM,Frag,Re  ({[White Zone X Alpine Snow) X Nordic Mist] x )

Linda Bell

21″,Tet,7″,Evr,E,Frag,Re  (Jennifer Trimmer x Unknown)

Ultraviolet Mood

26″,Tet,6″,Evr,EM,VFrag,Re  (Driving Me Wild x Heavenly Dragon X Warrior Spirit)

Tumbled Glass

29″,Tet,6″,Evr,EE,Re  (Spacecoast Sea Shells x Terry Lyninger)

Starburst Fantasy

(Trimmer, 2012)

height 26 in.(66 cm), bloom 5.75 in.(15 cm), season E, Rebloom, Evergreen, Tetraploid, Fragrant, 16 buds, 1 branches,  Dark yellow with maroon plum eye with yellow appliqué throat. (Patsy Cline × Spacecoast Sea Shells)

Waves of Joy

Lavender blend with lavender, violet, and blue violet patterned eye. (Dragonfly Dawn × Tet. Texas Kaleidoscope) Awards: HM (2015)

Dragonfly Dawn

Patterned green, blue lavender, cranberry rainbow eye on dark parchment petals. (Solar Blue Angel × Jamaican Love)

Flamingo Crossing

(Trimmer, 2015)

height 33in (84cm), bloom 6.25in (16.0cm), season EM, Rebloom, Evergreen, Tetraploid, Fragrant, 18 buds, 1 branches,  Pale gold with plum eye and very large chartreuse appliqué throat. (sdlg × Starburst Fantasy)

Spacecoast Sea Shells

Cream with purple eye and edge above yellow cream throat. (Catcher in the Eye × sdlg)


FFO:  6/17/16

Fairly short.  Probably not that hardy. Early and strong scapes




Engraved Invitation x Picture in Picture.