Vanishing Act


Boss Hogg

From Peter via FB.  $60 SF Sept, 2017

C 1703

Amethyst x x Knock Your Socks Off

Variety Is The Spice

26″,Dip,4″,Dor,EM,Db,Re  (Siloam Double Classic × Happy Returns x Brazilian Coral)

One Above You

74″,Tet,6″,Dor,ML,VFrag,Re,UFO  (Heavenly Shooting Stars x Reach For The Heavens)

Mini Pearl

16″,Dip,3″,Dor,EM,Re,Ext  (Baby Julia x Sdlg)

The Blood Is The Life

40″,Tet,6″,Dor,L,UFO  (Pickett’S Charge X Highland Spider x Highland Pinched Fingers X Red Suspenders)

Jody Ann

30″,Tet,6″,Dor,M,Frag  (Chance Encounter x Castle Camelot)

Itsy Bitsy Spider

height 35 in.(89 cm), bloom 3.5 in.(9 cm), season E, Dormant, Diploid, Unusual Form Crispate,  Lemon yellow spider self with green throat. (Mignon × Suzie Wong)Awards: HM 2014, ESB 2015

Gift from Lorraine G.

Gold Helmet

40″,Tet,8.50″,Dor,ML,Frag  (Not Available x Not Available)

Golden Showoff

30″,Tet,6″,Dor,M,Frag,Re  ([(Kate Carpenter X Gaza) X (Tetra Orange Velvet X Sdlg)] x )

Hard Times

52″,Dip,6.50″,Dor,L,Re,UFO  (Unknown x Unknown)

Miss Jessie

40″,Dip,6.50″,Dor,M,Sp  (Dorothea X Su-Lin x Sdlg)

Stella De Oro

11″,Dip,2.75″,Dor,EM,Frag,Re,Ext  (Not Available x Not Available)

You Are Mine

34″,Tet,8″,Dor,M,Re,EMo  (Lady Of Faith x Tetra Heavenly Angel Ice)


28″,Tet,5.50″,Dor,EM  ( x )

Soco Gap

30″,Tet,5.50″,Dor,M  (Tournament Of Roses x Cause For Pause X Tahlequah Flame)

Jeffcoat Style

34″,Tet,6.25″,Dor,EM,Db,Re  ((Emily Hawthorne X (Frances Joiner X Peggy Jeffcoat)) x )

Olallie Mack

32″,Dip,4.50″,Dor,VL  (Formerly Olallie Novelty)


50″,Dip,8″,Dor,ML,UFO  (Sdlg × Lola Branham x Kirsten Madeline Burkey)

Dark Witch

43″,Dip,7″,Dor,M,Re,EMo  (Brilliant Idea x Emerald Starburst)

Embroidery Plus

30″,Tet,5.50″,Dor,ML,VFrag,Noc,Ext  (Gold Embroidery x Emperors Choice)


28″,Dip,6.50″,Dor,EM  (Kindly Light x Granite City Steelers)

Fashionably Late

36″,Tet,5.50″,Dor,L,Re  (Caption X Fall Farewell x Fall Farewell)

Paula Goes Prime Time

‘Paula goes Prime Time is one of my very favorites for the color and the way the bloom points towards your face and not to the side.’

Heidi Douglas

Venus Flytrap

32″,Tet,6″,Dor,ML,Frag,Re  (Order Or Chaos × Shinto Etching x Forestlake Ragamuffin × Heavenly Beginnings)

Dyna Girl

28″,Tet,5.25″,Dor,EM,Frag,Re  ((Farmer’S Daughter X Amanda’S Intrigue) x Shores Of Time)

Fooled Me

24″,Tet,5.50″,Dor,EM,Ext  ({(Flames Of Fortune X Dance Ballerina Dance) X (Holiday Delight X Dance Ballerina Dance)} x )

Green Energy

34″,Dip,6″,Dor,M,Re  (Proper Stranger x Sugar High)


35″,Tet,8″,Dor,EM,Re,UFO  (Primal Scream x Outrageous)

Spider Man

24″,Tet,7″,Dor,EM,Re  (Douglas Dale x Howard Goodson)

Peggy Jeffcoat

18″,Dip,6.50″,Dor,ML,Db,Re,Ext  (Jean Swann x Rebecca Marie)

Rosy Spiketail

28″,Tet,7.50″,Dor,ML,Frag,Re  (Purple Badger x Heavenly Velocirapter)

Hello Sunshine

21″,Tet,5.50″,Dor,M,VFrag,Re,Ext  (Omomuki x Victorian Collar X Glory Days)

Ikarian Honey

26″,Tet,6″,Dor,EM,VFrag  (Marmalade Skies x Smugglers Gold)

Monkey Shine

30″,Tet,6″,Dor,M  (Kyoto Garden X Creative Edge x Mystery Man)

Neon Flamingo

35″,Tet,8.50″,Dor,M,Frag  (Wayne Felgar x Webster’S Pink Wonder)

C 1664

34″,Dip,4.50″  (Holly Dancer X Helga Bjornerud x Laura Harwood)

Kona Coast

35″,Tet,5″,Dor,M,Re  (Set The Style x Emerald Oasis)

Pink Stripes

30″,Dip,7″,Dor,EM  (Pink Brocade x Peppermint Parfait)

Outer Limits

32″,Tet,6.50″,Dor,ML,Frag,UFO  (Saber Tooth Tiger x Seedling)

Friends With Benefits

32″,Dip,8″,Dor,L,Frag,Re  (Starlight Galaxy x (Concorde Nelson X Pink Super Spider))

Heavenly Angel Ice

36″,Dip,8″,Dor,ML,Re,UFO  (So Lovely X Yellow Ribbon x Heavenly Curls)


0″,0″ Starts growing late in the spring – Hardy

Dragon Fang

28″,Tet,7.50″,Dor,ML,Frag,Re  (Purple Badger x Heavenly Velocirapter)

Wall Of Fire

36″,Tet,7.50″,Dor,M,Frag,Re  (Red Loveliness x (Ed Brown × Tim Kornder)))

Wonder Of It All

27″,Tet,5.75″,Dor,E,Re  (Mandalay Bay Music x Wonders Never Cease)

Jeanne Fitton

32″,Tet,5.50″,Dor,M  (Chicago Salmon x Holiday Frills X Allafrill)

Singing Cowboy

38″,Tet,5.50″,Dor,ML  (Inca Dynasty x Extemporaneous Virtues)

Redneck Riviera

29″,Tet,7″,Dor,M,Re  (Cindy’S Eye X Bunny Eyes x Border Blessed)

Susquehanna Skies

34″,Tet,5.50″,Dor,M  (President Ronald Reagan x (Rock Solid X Red State))

Shores Of Time

26″,Tet,5.50″,Dor,EM,Frag,Re  ([(Shimmering Elegance X Ed Brown) X (Red Fang X Northern Glitter)] x )

Rosy Returns

16″,Dip,3.75″,Dor,EE,Frag,Re  ((Pardon Me X Happy Returns) X (Happy Returns X Sugar Cookie) x (Brocaded Gown X Happy Returns))


Bright Fuschia

Sdlg 2,   Row 16


26″,Tet,6″,Dor,EM,Frag,Re  (J T Davis x Belle Cook)

Final Touch

32″,Dip,4.75″,Dor,L,Frag  (Sdlg x Love’S Blush)



Big Smile

28″,Dip,5.50″,Dor,M,Frag  (Slug Buster x Siloam Harold Flickinger)

Oy Vey


Soft Summer Night

(((sdlg × Love Goddess) × (sdlg × Tet. Martha Adams)) × Tet. Janice Brown) Awards: HM (2009)


The color is lighter than 16-005

Good Height.  Nice flower


Ryan’s Fav!!

Pretty. Great plant habit. 28 x 6


FFO:  6/16/16

Like 16-001 but not as nice –  not as tall, and not as many buds

Backseat Romance

((Venetian Royalty × Shores of Time) × Running for the Border)

(Owen-P., 2011)
height 41in (104cm), bloom 6.5in (16.5cm), season M, Rebloom, Dormant, Tetraploid, Fragrant, 32 buds, 5 branches, Deep lavender with white eye wash and bright green throat. ((Venetian Royalty × Shores of Time) × Running for the Border)