The Blood Is The Life

40″,Tet,6″,Dor,L,UFO  (Pickett’S Charge X Highland Spider x Highland Pinched Fingers X Red Suspenders)

Hard Times

52″,Dip,6.50″,Dor,L,Re,UFO  (Unknown x Unknown)

Fashionably Late

36″,Tet,5.50″,Dor,L,Re  (Caption X Fall Farewell x Fall Farewell)

Friends With Benefits

32″,Dip,8″,Dor,L,Frag,Re  (Starlight Galaxy x (Concorde Nelson X Pink Super Spider))


Pink w Yellow edge  Sdlg 1,


Pale Purple  Sdlg 2,   Row 9, # 3

Final Touch

32″,Dip,4.75″,Dor,L,Frag  (Sdlg x Love’S Blush)