2018 Seedlings in Trays

CrossNumber of SdlgsTray
Tempest in a Teacup x Cosmic Blast91
TIAT x Tet Kaleidoscope Puzzle81
Tempest in a Teacup x Rorschach Test81
(Pink Werewolf x The Dentist) x ?81
LTA x 3 Birds82
Alien DNA x RFtB82
Wild and Wacky x Alien Fingerprint82
SCSS x Jewel Thief52
Meet Joe Black x Waves of Joy42
Whale Tales x Wild and Wacky63
Dragonfly Dawn x Wild and Wacky63
RFtB x Waves of Joy73
Poetic Justice x Priceless63
Whale Tales x Alien DNA63
AWWD x Whale Tales23
LTA x Debra Scott44
S-239 x MBR24
Man of Sorrows x HNF34
Whale Tales x Entwined in the Vine44
Waves of Joy x Get Jiggy64
Get Jiggy x Alien Fingerprint24
Clown Parade x Jeanne Fitton54
Waggle Dance x Wild and Wacky44
Ry's Fav x Waggle Dance44
Nick of Time x Backseat Romance65
Nick of Time x Wild and Wacky65
LTA x Wild and Wacky45
Backseat Romance x Waves of Joy65
? X (WD x CB)25
Pirate's Promise x Wild and Wacky45
Star of India x 3 Angry Birds45
Wild and Wacky x Fins to the Left66
Passive Aggressive x Debra Scott26
Whale Tales x Bella46
BFQH x 3 Birds36
Ry's x Webster's Pink Wonder16
Star of India x Fins to the Left46
Singing Cowboy x Rainbow Mesa46
Man of Sorrows x Rosy Spiketail46
Dragon Fang x Mars Attacks16
Whale Tales x HNF47
Malala x HNF47
Alien DNA x HNF27
Whale Tales x Waves of Joy87
Symphony of Praises x Waves of Joy87
Waggle Dance x 3 Angry Birds48
Nick of Time x Alien Fingerprint68
Get Jiggy x Wild and Wacky28
Nick of Time x Fins to the Left48
Serious Fun x MBR48
Alien DNA x The Blood is the Life48
Symphony of Praises x ATTAM48
Kiss my Aura x ATTAM48
LTA x Fins to the Left29
LTA x Neon (1 & 1)29
Mesa x Ry's (1 & 1)29
Waves x Entwined in the Vine49
LTA x Malala59
New Paradigm x Man of Sorrows59
Ry's x ATTAM39
Wild and Wacky x Waves of Joy59
Alien Fingerprint x Wild and Wacky49
Bella x Wild and Wacky19
General Perplexity x Zyzz410
SC Behavior Pattern x Alien DNA210
Ultraviolet Mood x In Taffeta Patterns310
SC Behavior Pattern x Tiki God410
Shores of Time x Bella410
Sound of Color x Alien Fingerprint410
Symphony x Mars Attacks410
New Paradigm x Waves of Joy510
Nick of Time x Waves of Joy210
TBITL x Alien DNA (2)210
WSM x HNF411
RFtB x Monkian411
New Paradigm x Meet Joe Black511
Alien DNA x Bella411
Steamroller x Waves of Joy411
Passive Aggressive x HNF411
Singing Cowboy x Cherry Cheeks411
Sitting Queen x 3 Angry Birds411
17-121 x 17-068312
Loose Cannon x LTA512
Alien DNA x Waves of Joy312
Honky Tonk Barbie x Zyzzified112
SC Behavior Pattern x Cobra612
SC Sea Shells x MBR312
LTA x 17-051312
Rainbow Mesa x Sword Dancer (2)212
Serious Fun x ATTAM412
Waves of Joy x Sound of Color412
Fear Not x Zyzz313
Uncon Sur x MBR (1&1)413
Dragonfly x Waves213
Amber Rhum x Ultraviolet Mood213
Alien DNA x HNF513
Mesa x BFQH413
Tumbled x Meet Joe Black413
Waves x Cobra513
Fear Not x MBR413

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