2017 Daylily Seed Collection

Pod ParentPollen Parent# Seeds
Backseat RomanceUnconditional Surrender7
Ry's FavWaggle Dance5
Papa Goose?4
Backseat RomanceUnconditional Surrender4
New ParadigmSpacecoast Pattern Plus1
Bella IsabellaWild &Wacky3
EppamonondusArt Attack4
Backseat RomanceWaves of Joy0
Get JiggyJewel Thief2
Meet Joe BlackWaves of Joy5
AlienationFins to the Left3
Waggle DanceNeon Flamingo2
Monkey ShineRunning for the Border9
Monkey ShineNeon Flamingo2
Cosmic KaleidoscopeC12891
Emperor ButterflySound of Color2
Spacecoast Sea ShellsJewel Thief8
Emperor ButterflySerious Fun7
New ParadigmMeet Joe Black8
Berry PatchWild &Wacky1
Wild & WackyAlien DNA1
Alien DNAWaves of Joy3
New ParadigmWaves of Joy2
Emperor ButterflySound of Color3
Get JiggyWild &Wacky1
Catcher in the EyeWaves of Joy5
New ParadigmWaves of Joy1
New ParadigmWaves of Joy2
Deana Marie's SisterGreen Energy8
New ParadigmMan of Sorrows11
Waggle DanceJewel Thief8
Alien DNA?3
Alien DNAGet Jiggy3
Jewel TheirWaggle Dance3
Deana Marie's SisterPink Eyed Pets19
Alien DNA?5
Pink Stripes?3
Pink Eyed PetsCosmic Kaleidoscope12
Wonder of it AllWall of Fire5
Star of IndiaThree Angry Birds9
Alien DNABella Isabella4
Running for the BorderWaves of Joy7
Dragonfly DawnRunning for the Border4
Backseat RomanceCerise Masterpiece1
Berry PatchWaves of Joy5
Man of SorrowFins to the Left3
Backseat RomanceHeavenly New Fronteer1
Amber RhumWaggle Dance4
Waggle DanceWild &Wacky4
Ry's FavSinging Cowboy8
Waggle Dance?5
Get JiggyAlien Fingerprint3
Shores of TimeWall of Fire7
Spacecoast Pattern PlusMalala2
Backseat RomanceBF Queen of Hearts5
Jewel ThiefAlien DNA7
Running for the BorderTears of a Clown6
Wild & WackyAlien Fingerprint11
Oy VeyS 2399
About the People?6
Whale TailsWild &Wacky6
Waggle Dance?4
Dragonfly DawnWaves of Joy2
Druid x SHM FrontWebster's Pink Wonder2
Amber Rhum?9
Casper's ShadowWaggle Dance10
Wild & WackyWaves of Joy10
Pink StripesDiploid Applique Seedling10
Whale TailsWaves of Joy4
What a ReliefSerious Fun4
Wild & WackyFins to the Left7
Man of SorrowAlien Fingerprint5
Nutmeg Elf?7
Running for the Border17-04711
Star of IndiaJewel Thief7
Clown ParadeJeanne Fitton6
Picottee Rippled RufflesGet Jiggy6
Ruffled PantaloonsSword Dancer7
Clown Parade?6
Ashville White Winged DoveWhale Tails2
Amber RhumRy's Fav6
Dragonfly DawnWild &Wacky6
Star of IndiaWild &Wacky4
Pink StripesDark Witch11
Nick of TimeAlien Fingerprint9
Prince of PurpleDiploid Applique Seedling17
Mary Lisa Carter?5
Spacecoast Behavior PatternDebra Scott1
Catcher in the EyeWall of Fire7
Man of SorrowRosy Spiketail5
Greg ThomsonSerious Fun9
Ry's FavCarnival in Mexico7
Sitting QueenThree Angry Birds8
Get JiggyWild &Wacky2
Alien DNANeon Flamingo6
Running for the BorderWall of Fire11
Alien DNARunning for the Border10
Running for the BorderNeon Flamingo5
Alien FingerprintBella Isabella5
Browns Ferry Queen of HeartsThree Angry Birds4
Gentle AdmonitionWild &Wacky6
Running for the BorderMonikan11
Margo Reed IndeedStrawberry Lemonade9
Jewel ThiefCobraskin Necktie1
Whale TailsBella Isabella4
Pink StripesDamask Lumina6
Pink StripesHeavenly Spider Monkey5
Margo Reed IndeedPapa Goose14
Bea's DreamPink Stripes4
Indian GiverC128910
Puppet MasterCobraskin Necktie1
Pink StripesPrince of Purple7
17-058Bella Isabella3
Margo Reed IndeedNorth Wind Dancer18
Spacecoast Sea ShellsSound of Color2
Ry's FavWebster's Pink Wonder3
Three Angry BirdsTiki God1
Clown ParadeKiss My Aura11
Clown Parade?9
Star of IndiaNeon Flamingo8
Lighter Than AirDebra Scott6
Harper Lee?18
Indian GiverPink Stripes18
Naomi RuthNutmeg Elf20
Spacecoast Sea ShellsMaster and Bold Ruler3
Soft Summer NightS 2395
Spacecoast Sea ShellsJewel Thief5
Song of DeliverenceSword Dancer8
Alien WhisperJewel Thief3
Song of DeliverenceSword Dancer12
Lighter Than AirThree Angry Birds13
Bangkock BelleSweet Double Yellow6
Porcelain Ruffles?10
Man of SorrowChateau Belair3
Susquehanna SkiesWaves of Joy7
Running for the BorderMaster and Bold Ruler5
Man of SorrowMaster and Bold Ruler2
Singing CowboyMalala2
Spacecoast Behavior PatternJewel Thief10
Passive AggressiveAll Things to All Men2
Dena Marie's SisterPapa Goose22
Alien FingerprintJewel Thief11
Kiss My AuraNeon Flamingo6
?Jewel Thief6
Waggle DanceJewel Thief1
Alien FingerprintJewel Thief7
Amber RhumWild &Wacky6
Heavenly Angel IceDiploid Applique Seedling19
Tumbled GlassMeet Joe Black8
Alien DNAYou Are Mine3
Papa GooseIndian Giver14
Art SceneIndy Inca's Gold3
EppamonondusDiploid Applique Seedling7
Dena Marie's SisterGreen Energy5
Tears of a ClownKiss My Aura17
Nick of TimeWild &Wacky10
Augustan AgeSword Dancer5
Nick of Time?6
Singing CowboyRy's Fav6
Soft ContrastAll Things to All Men7
Art SceneC128914
Ashville White Winged DoveMeet Joe Black6
Unfolding ParadoxAlien DNA12
Art SceneMarch 6, 190025
Dragon FangMars Attacks4
S-239 (poly)Master and Bold Ruler5
Star of IndiaFins to the Left7
Amber RhumCobraskin Necktie4
Singing CowboyChamonix1
17-100Heavenly Spider Monkey17
Pirate's PromiseWild &Wacky10
EppamonondusPapa Goose5
Whale Tails?7
Margo Reed IndeedPapa Goose14
Strawberry LemonadeDiploid Applique Seedling4
Cosmic KaleidoscopeTriple Trinity3
Spacecoast Sea ShellsCobraskin Necktie9
AlienationJewel Thief4
Indian GiverDiploid Applique Seedling20
Get JiggySound of Color7
Waggle DanceRoseatte Stained Glass3
Spacecoast Sea ShellsJewel Thief9
Nick of TimeWav3
Cerise MasterpieceChateau Belair2
AlienationWild &Wacky14
AlienationNeon Flamingo9
Backseat RomanceIn Taffeta Patterns2
Rainbow MesaLoose Cannon7
Papa GooseFriends with Benefits6
Singing CowboyChamonix2
Kiss My AuraNeon Flamingo14
Bangkock BelleBangkok Belle2
Waggle DanceThree Angry Birds15
Whale TailsAlien DNA7
Augustan AgeRosy Spiketail5
Sound of ColorWild &Wacky3
Cloud of Witnesses?5
Waggle Dance?2
Whale TailsEntwined in the Vine4
Shores of TimeSound of Color6
Harper LeeNutmeg Elf10
Singing CowboyCherry Cheeks7
Rainbow MesaRy's Fav2
Alien DNAHeavenly New Fronteer3
Serious FunGet Jiggy3
New ParadigmSound of Color1
Alien FingerprintWild &Wacky4
Lighter Than Air17-0583
Lighter Than AirFins to the Left2
Lighter Than AirNeon Flamingo2
Art ScenePapa Goose20
Whale TailsWaves of joy4
Loose CannonDebra Scott6
Man of SorrowJewel Thief3
Harper LeeSweet Double Yellow20
Optical ArtWhale Tails2
Waggle Dance?7
Serious FunMaster and Bold Ruler5
Serious FunMaster and Bold Ruler4
Alien FingerprintSword Dancer3
Singing CowboyAlien DNA15
Papa GooseNorth Wind Dancer4
Optical ArtWhale Tails13
Alien FingerprintCobraskin Necktie4
Shores of TimeMan of Sorrows9
Passive AggressiveWebster's Pink Wonder2
EppamonondusPapa Goose10
Dena Marie's SisterGreen Energy20
Alien FingerprintCobraskin Necktie1
Pink Eyed PetsCosmic Kaleidoscope19
Papa GooseFriends with Benefits7
Waggle DanceYou Are Mine12
Bangkock BelleNutmeg Elf2
Pink Eyed PetsPapa Goose19
Pink Eyed PetsPapa Goose18
Strawberry LemonadePapa Goose10
Art SceneNorth Wind Dancer16
Dena Marie's SisterNorth Wind Dancer17
Dena Marie's SisterGreen Energy12
Augustan AgeSword Dancer5
Pink Eyed PetsPapa Goose18
Waves of JoyAlien DNA10
Sound of ColorAlien Fingerprint11
Lighter Than AirHeavenly New Fronteer12
Nick of TimeAlien Fingerprint7
Man of SorrowAlien DNA4
Backseat RomanceGet Jiggy3
Passive AggressiveWall of Fire3
S-239 (poly)Master and Bold Ruler2
Waves of JoyGet Jiggy8
Shores of TimeSound of Color4
Man of SorrowHeavenly New Fronteer3
Loch Ness MonsterNorth Wind Dancer24
Nick of TimeSerious Fun12
Backseat RomanceAll Things to All Men1
Nick of TimeSound of Color7
Singing CowboyRainbow Mesa7
Nick of TimeAlien Fingerprint5
Ardor GlowingRainbow Mesa6
Spacecoast Behavior PatternCobraskin Necktie9
Whale TailsHeavenly New Fronteer10
MalalaJewel Thief3
Spacecoast Behavior PatternWaves of joy1
Passive AggressiveDebra Scott2
DelivererSymphony of Praises5
Get Jiggy?10
Waggle DanceSound of Color6
Augustan AgeSword Dancer17
Shores of TimeChateau Belair9
Backseat RomanceMalala4
Sweet Dbl YellowNutmeg Elf11
Bull Moose JacksonSword Dancer7
Lighter Than AirWild &Wacky6
Waggle DanceAlienation4
Passive AggressiveJewel Thief5
Lighter Than AirMalala10
Get JiggyWhale Tails4
Castalia SpringsAll Things to All Men6
DelivererWild &Wacky2
Passive AggressiveDebra Scott1
Sweet Dbl YellowNutmeg Elf9
Amber RhumUltraviolet Mood3
Cherry Cream PieC12895
Pink Eyed PetsNorth Wind Dancer23
Pink Eyed PetsNorth Wind Dancer22
Pink Eyed PetsArt Scene14
MalalaSerious Fun3
Bea's DreamIndy Inca's Gold17
Strawberry LemonadeTriple Trinity22
Passive AggressiveFins to the Left3
MalalaSound of Color6
Serious FunNeon Flamingo7
Pink Eyed PetsArt Scene20
Get JiggySound of Color5
Roseatte Stained GlassCobraskin Necktie3
Man of SorrowWild &Wacky6
Serious FunEntwined in the Vine7
Nick of TimeFins to the Left8
Alien Fingerprint?4
Singing CowboyCherry Cheeks5
Friends with BenefitsDeep Impact3
17-100Meme's Tuitti Fruitti20
Lighter Than AirRainbow Mesa12
17-051Sword Dancer9
Bea's Dream17-10014
Rainbow MesaBrown's Ferry Queen of Hearts4
Sound of Color?14
Deliverer x Outer LimitsSword Dancer6
Serious FunMaster and Bold Ruler4
Spacecoast Behavior Pattern17-0584
Lighter Than AirGet Jiggy11
Castalia SpringsPillow Conversation3
Pink Eyed PetsArt Scene27
Symphony of PraisesAll Things to All Men15
Singing CowboyRainbow Mesa7
Singing Cowboy?30
Kiss My AuraWebster's Pink Wonder11
Serious FunChamonix3
ChamonixThree Angry Birds7
Backseat RomanceYou Are Mine8
Waggle Dance17-0585
Whale Tails?4
ChamonixRainbow Mesa7
MalalaHeavenly New Fronteer7
MalalaCherry Cheeks2
Serious FunAll Things to All Men6
Bea's Dream17-10016
17-051Women Seeking Men9
C1664Pink Stripes7
Meme's Tuitti FruittiDena Marie's Sister6
Loose CannonLighter Than Air5
C1776North Wind Dancer20
Pitcairn IslandAll Things to All Men15
Cosmic KaleidoscopeDeep Impact20
Bull Moose JacksonRainbow Mesa4
Ruffled PetticoatsTiki God3
Symphony of PraisesMars Attacks9
Sound of ColorGet Jiggy3
Spacecoast Behavior PatternTiki God5
MalalaSound of Color4
Lighter Than Air17-0513
Brown's Ferry Queen of HeartsRainbow Mesa8
Spacecoast Behavior PatternAlien DNA2
Loch Ness MonsterNorth Wind Dancer14
Peggy JeffcoatBea's Dream18
Dena Marie's SisterCosmic Kaleidoscope6
Peggy JeffcoatPapa Goose20
Nick of TimeGet Jiggy10
Nick of TimeBackseat Romance9
Nick of TimeBackseat Romance6
Nick of TimeFins to the Left8
One Last DanceRainbow Mesa5
Nick of TimeWild &Wacky9
Serious Fun?6
16-021Meme's Tuitti Fruitti8
Women Seeking MenJewel Thief10
Passive AggressiveHeavenly New Fronteer10
Chateau BelairBella Isabella5
Women Seeking MenAll Things to All Men11
Shores of TimeBella Isabella12
Kiss My AuraTiki God2
Honky Tonk BarbieWomen Seeking Men9
Dena Marie's SisterPossum Pogo7
Singing CowboyWaves of joy10
Tears of a ClownKiss My Aura13
Amber RhumBrown's Ferry Queen of Hearts5
Tears of a ClownWaves of joy12
Dena Marie's SisterFriends with Benefits9
Serious FunCobraskin Necktie3
Serious FunCerise Masterpiece8
Passive AggressiveAlien DNA4
Dena Marie's SisterPapa Goose7
Susquehanna SkiesGet Jiggy9
Brown's Ferry Queen of HeartsRainbow Mesa8
Serious FunWaves of joy8
Passive AggressiveSword Dancer5
Boiled ShrimpAlien DNA8
MalalaUltraviolet Mood5
Sound of ColorGet Jiggy3
17-068Women Seeking Men8
Singing CowboyRainbow Mesa6
Harper Lee?7
Dragon FangBackseat Romance12
C1796North Wind Dancer10
Meme's Tuitti FruittiC128920
C1796Indy Inca's Gold17
Symphony of PraisesMalala12
Dragon FangWomen Seeking Men13
Dragon FangAll Things to All Men10
BedheadWomen Seeking Men8
SteamrollerWaves of joy7
Cobraskin NecktieChateau Belair6
C1796North Wind Dancer19
C1796North Wind Dancer18
C1796Indy Inca's Gold10
Cherry Cream PieDena Marie's Sister5
S439Carnival in Mexico9
Sword DancerSinging Cowboy9
Poetic JusticeWomen Seeking Men7
Cobraskin NecktieBrown's Ferry Queen of Hearts4
Ruffled Pantaloons17-0516
Waggle DanceSinging Cowboy13
C1664Pink Stripes6
Singing CowboyRainbow Mesa6
Alien DNAHeavenly New Fronteer7
Passive AggressiveWall of Fire8
Sound of ColorAlien DNA4
C1796North Wind Dancer14
Passive AggressiveGet Jiggy6
Poetic JusticeBella Isabella1
Margo Reed IndeedThe One Ring11
Serious Fun?26
Indy's Inca GoldDeep Impact17
Indy's Inca GoldClever Girl8
Poetic JusticeWaves of joy4
Man of SorrowChateau Belair4
Poetic JusticeMan of Sorrows11
Man of SorrowWomen Seeking Men2
C1664Pink Stripes17
C1664Pink Stripes16
Honky Tonk BarbieYou Are Mine3
Indy's Inca GoldMeme's Tuitti Fruitti10
Dena Marie's SisterThe One Ring8
Indy's Inca GoldFriends with Benefits8
Indy's Inca GoldFriends with Benefits1
Dena Marie's SisterMeme's Tuitti Fruitti19
Debra ScottPassive Aggressive13
Poetic JusticePriceless7
Rainbow MesaArdor Glowing2
Rainbow MesaSpringmaid Beach4
Debonair FinaleDeep Impact24
The Lady's LateIndy Inca's Gold18
Backseat RomanceWaves of joy17
The Lady's LateIndy Inca's Gold16
Indy's Inca GoldFriends with Benefits11
C1664Indy Inca's Gold5
Backseat RomanceWaves of joy2
Rainbow MesaSword Dancer5
C1664Pink Stripes6
Gryffindor ColorsSword Dancer9
Margo Reed IndeedDeep Impact16
Indy's Inca GoldFriends with Benefits9
Margo Reed IndeedThe One Ring12
Margo Reed IndeedGreen Energy6
Poetic JusticePriceless9
Man of SorrowChateau Belair5
Bea's DreamIndy Inca's Gold12
Poetic JusticeWall of Fire9
17-051Wild &Wacky1
Sound of ColorS Echo2
Symphony of PraisesWomen Seeking Men16
Poetic JusticePillow Conversation9
C1664Deep Impact4
Man of SorrowPoetic Justice7
Meme's Tuitti FruittiDeep Impact16
Ultraviolet MoodIn Taffeta Patterns3
Meme's Tuitti FruittiThe One Ring24
Poetic JusticeMan of Sorrows8
Bea's DreamIndy Inca's Gold15
Singing CowboyWild &Wacky8
Passive AggressiveWaves of joy3
Asheville Pink LadyWomen Seeking Men5
Asheville Pink LadyRainbow Mesa6
MalalaBella Isabella8
Clever GirlDeep Impact19
Meme's Tuitti FruittiFriends with Benefits25
Susquehanna EchoAlien DNA11
Meme's Tuitti FruittiIndy Inca's Gold25
Alien DNA?14
Alien DNAThe Blood is The Life11
ChamonixAlien DNA9
Singing CowboyWild &Wacky9
Dena Marie's SisterIndy Inca's Gold6
MalalaBrown's Ferry Queen of Hearts7
MalalaChateau Belair9
Symphony of PraisesWall of Fire11
Loose CannonWomen Seeking Men4
Waggle DanceChateau Belair16
C1664Indy Inca's Gold11
C1664Deep Impact14
Shores of TimeAlien DNA14
Indy's Inca GoldMeme's Tuitti Fruitti8
Symphony of PraisesWaves of joy14
Dark WitchDeep Impact20
MalalaChateau Belair4
Late Gold not TulipDeep Impact20
16-028Heavenly Angel Ice20
16-028Deep Impact15
16-028Final Exams18
16-029Deep Impact22
Indy's Inca GoldCosmic Kaleidoscope6
Debonair FinaleClever Girl20
Debonair FinaleDeep Impact20
Indy's Inca GoldDeep Impact11
Singing CowboyFear Not7
Honky Tonk BarbieCobraskin Necktie7
Women Seeking MenHeavenly New Fronteer10
Indy's Inca GoldMeme's Tuitti Fruitti1
Honky Tonk BarbieFear Not13
Indy's Inca GoldDeep Impact9
Indy's Inca GoldFriends with Benefits1
Kiss My AuraTears of a Clown6
Soft ContrastAll Things to All Men1
Kiss My AuraHonky Tonk Barbie7
Clever GirlMeme's Tuitti Fruitti12
Kiss My AuraBella Isabella4
Susquehanna EchoSound of Color8
Susquehanna EchoAlien DNA3
Indy's Inca GoldClever Girl23
Indy's Inca GoldDena Marie's Sister11
Debonair FinaleGreen Energy20
Indy's Inca GoldDeep Impact3
S222Brown's Ferry Queen of Hearts3
Susquehanna EchoWaves of joy8
Harper LeeFinal Exams12
The Blood is the LifeAlien DNA2
Chateau BelairSound of Color6
Clever GirlDeep Impact2
Honky Tonk Barbie17-1213
C1796Dark Witch16
Susquehanna EchoWaves of joy7
Waves of JoyYou Are Mine5
Clever GirlMeme's Tuitti Fruitti8
Kiss My AuraTears of a Clown9
16-028August Queen 15
Indy's Inca GoldFinal Exams8
RevolutionFriends with Benefits11
The Blood is the LifeAll Things to All Men4
Indy's Inca GoldStrawberry Lemonade13
The Blood is the LifeCobraskin Necktie5
16-028August Queen16
C1664Dark Witch6
Deep ImpactMeme's Tuitti Fruitti8
17-121Honky Tonk Barbie2
Penny's WorthFinal Exams25
C1664Deep Impact14
Honky Tonk BarbieMars Attacks15
Deep ImpactFriends with Benefits8
Waves of JoyYou Are Mine6
Women Seeking MenWDCB4
Women Seeking MenMars Attacks22
Women Seeking Men17-07912
Susquehanna EchoCobraskin Necktie6
Waves of JoyEntwined in the Vine5
Waves of JoySound of Color4
Singing CowboyS22218
Castalia SpringsHonky Tonk Barbie7
17-101Pink Stripes9
Castalia SpringsHonky Tonk Barbie6
Shores of Time?18
August QueenFriends with Benefits17
Indy's Inca GoldRevolution12
Clever GirlNorth Wind Dancer20
Passive AggressiveFins to the Left8
Women Seeking MenAll Things to All Men13
Debonair FinaleFriends with Benefits18
Singing CowboySong of the Empire4
S222Fear Not5
Honky Tonk Barbie17-1138
Indy's Inca GoldFriends with Benefits14
S222Fear Not13
S222Honky Tonk Barbie10
C1664Meme's Tuitti Fruitti5
Dark WitchNorth Wind Dancer30
Cherry Cream PieDeep Impact4
Penny's WorthFinal Exams22
Ry's FavAll Things to All Men5
Kiss My AuraAll Things to All Men11
Row 15 EndAll Things to All Men15
Cherry Cream PieDeep Impact11
Singing CowboyPassive Aggressive15
Cherry Cream PieStrawberry Lemonade3
S222Fear Not8
Dena Marie's SisterFriends with Benefits17
Deep ImpactFriends with Benefits12
17-121All Things to All Men2
Fear NotS22214
House of LoveAll Things to All Men5
Hard TimesFriends with Benefits9
17-121All Things to All Men3
Women Seeking MenAll Things to All Men15
Fear Not17-1215
17-121Fear Not9
Fear NotChateau Belair4
Fear NotFins to the Left3
Waves of JoyCobraskin Necktie8
Kiss My AuraVictorian Lace4
Susquehanna EchoAll Things to All Men10
Honky Tonk BarbieS2225
Susquehanna EchoYou Are Mine4
Susquehanna EchoAll Things to All Men14
17-121Fear Not6

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