2016 Crosses with Number of Seedlings Grown

BSR x Get Jiggy51
Asian Artestry x S. Skies21
Serious Fun x Bella Isabella41
S-222 x WSM51
SOT x Cloud of Witnesses11
WSM x Waggle Dance51
Alien Whisper x Bella Isabella51
WSM x Passive Aggressive51
Tempest in a Tea Pot x 4 Beasts in One82
Nicolas Brunetti x 4 Beasts in One42
Rorschach Test x SC Modern Symmetry42
Southport x Something Wicked52
Gender Equality x Jumping Jack32
Metallic Apparition x Jumping Jack42
Nature's Vice Versa x Yoga Man42
Serious Fun x LTA43
Soft Hearted Mother x Debra S43
Oy Vey x Asian Artistry43
Alien Whisper x Ultraviolet Mood53
Alien Whisper x Jewel Thief73
Alien DNA x Jewel Thief73
LTA x Sword Dancer13
Chateau x Deb Beach54
S. Echo x New Paradigm74
Clown Parade x Redneck Riviera44
Castalia x SOT44
Aura x SOT34
Asian Artistry x S. Skies14
System of Edges x Trenton Many Faces44
Perfect Valve x Trenton Many Faces44
Whisper x Casper55
Sound of Color x x Linda45
Cloud of Witnesses x New Paradigm35
Song of the Empire x Waggle Dance55
Oy Vey x Jewel Thief55
Deliverer x Jewel Thief45
Optical Art x Tumbled Glass65
ROS x MARS Attack46
Bodacious x Linda36
S. Echo x LTA16
In Taffeta Patterns x Jewel Thief66
Wall of Fire x LTA26
About the People x CITE46
Serious Fun x Pantaloons46
Castalia x Waggle Dance46
Clown Parade x New Paradigm26
S. Echo x Webster's Pink Wonder26
Oy Vey x LTA47
B1Y x Irresistable Art47
S. Echo x Bella Isabella37
Rain Dances x Steamroller17
Loose Cannon x WPW47
Loose Cannon x Song of the Empire47
Au Natural x Jewel Thief37
Cloud x Deb S17
Waggle Dance x Jewel Thief47
Casper x Deb S47
Poetic Justice x Ultimate Fantasy48
Soft Summer Night x Passive Aggressive68
Soft Summer Night x SOT58
Wonder of it All x SOT38
Big Pinky x New Paradigm48
Big Pinky x Waggle Dance68
Sound of Color x New Paradigm48
Clown Parade x New Paradigm38
Jeanne Fitton x Sitting Queen38
C. Rain Dances x Steamroller49
S. Echo x WPW49
S. Echo x LTA39
S-439 x WOIA39
Deliverer x Sound of Color49
Oy Vey x Bella49
Oy Vey x Waggle Dance49
Oy Vey x CITE49
Castalia x Waggle49
Star x Cobra59
SOT x Cloud19
Novel Insights x Tet Green Eyed Envy510
Occupy your Garden x Metallic Apparition310
Oriental Expressions x 4 Beasts in One410
Retro Afternoon x Rorschach Test810
Echo Echo x Alien DNA410
Jelly Rol Morten x Jumping Jack510
Jumping Jack x Flamingo Crossing310
Sound of Color x WOD211
ROS x WOD311
Star x LTA511
S. Echo x Bella Isabella411
Aura x Song Emp411
Au Natural x Jewel 111
Dragon x Mesa311
Jeanne x New Paradigm511
Casper x LTA311
Soft Summer Night X Gret T211
Serious x Jewel Thief411
Boogerson x Cosmic812
Final x Cosmic712
Deb Finale x Cosmic812
C 1664 x Bea's Dream512
LBM X Bangkok612

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